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Panama and Kosovo Diplomatic Relations


By Dr. Jose M. Teran, Ambassador of Panama.

Guided by their willingness to promote the ties of friendship between their two countries, widen horizons of mutual cooperation, and support the cause of international peace and security, the Republics of Kosovo and Panama have decided to establish diplomatic relations to strengthen fruitful cooperation in political, economic, trade, technical and cultural spheres and in other fields of mutual interest, and responding to the aspirations of the two countries for friendly relations and contacts, as stated in the Joint Communiqué signed in Panama on August 27, 2013 by Ministers of Foreign Affairs H.E. Fernando Núñez Fábrega and H.E. Enver Hoxhaj.

Both Governments reaffirm their commitment to the principles of the United Nations and international law, including mutual respect for national sovereignty, territorial integrity and non-interference in internal affairs of another state.

The first encounter between the two countries, which concluded with this Joint Communiqué, was held in July 2013 between the Ambassadors of the Republics of Panama and Kosovo to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, H.E. José M. Terán and H.E. Nexhi Rexhepi, in a coordinated process from The   Hague with their capitals.

Foreign Ministers H.E. Enver Hoxhaj and H.E. Fernando Núñez Fábrega. 

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