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The Dutch and their Bikes


Fast, cheap, good for the environment and good for health. Add to this the excellent cycling infrastructure, and it is only logical that there are more bicycles than people in the Netherlands. More than 10 years photographing the American photographer and writer Shirley Agudo incomparable Dutch bicycle culture in all its facets. For Dutch is the everyday workhorse also become a way of life: the cockroaches

with his tricycle full of children, the hipster with his colorful bike without brakes, the TH-student with his recumbent and school youth with the grandmother or the baker bike. The Dutch & their bikes not only gives an overall view of city and country, it is also about how Dutch bike designers internationally with trendy models break (VanMoof, Spiked, Bough Bikes) and how the Dutch cycling culture an export product has become more than hearing takes place at city drivers of large cities such as Paris, London and New York. Because they want to time with more bicycles than cars.


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