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Guatemala a land of opportunities


By Gabriel Aguilera Peralta, Ambassador of Guatemala to the Kingdom of The Netherlands

Guatemala, also known as the land of the eternal spring is located in the heart of the Americas and is a country with creative, friendly, working and passionate people…A country that has demonstrated courage and value through history.

Guatemala’s fertile land has a territorial extension of 108, 889 sq Kms (42,042sq Mi) with a population of 15 million inhabitants. It is a country surrounded by lakes, mountains and volcanoes. Guatemala heart of the Mayan world; its Mayan heritage is still evident in the traditions and culture of its inhabitants. The territory offers a diversity of landscapes and climates, wealth of flora and fauna and cultural diversity positioning it as one of the most attractive tourist areas in the region. 

In addition to its nature and millenary history, Guatemala is a modern country with political stability and a diversified economy. During the last few years Guatemala has become one of the main emerging markets in Latin America, also being the largest economy in Central America representing 35% of the GDP of the region.

The country offers several investments opportunities, especially in economic sectors such as: Agroindustry, Apparel and Textile, Tourism, Manufacture and Assembly, Call Centers & BPOs, Natural Resources, Energy and Mines, among others.

Guatemala has become a competitive platform for the world’s business market as a result among others, of entering in free trade agreements with several countries and establishing a favorable macroeconomic environment that has been promoted through joint efforts of the government and the private sector.

The country exports more than 4,075 different products to more than 140 markets worldwide. Exports have increased 100% in 10 years, representing a growth from US$4.16 billion to US$10.4 billion in the period from 2003-2012. In terms of exports coffee is Guatemala’s flagship product, although the country is a number one worldwide exporter of cardamom and cuttings of poinsettia, eighth largest banana and fourth largest sugar worldwide exporter. Apparel and textile is an important industry for the national economy, clothing and textile exports representing a growth of US$1.512 million in 2013. Guatemala represents an excellent logistical HUB; a trade bridge for a market of more than 68 million people in the Mesoamerican region over a production area which worth exceeds US$319 billions.

Currently, Guatemala is presenting the most important international agribusiness tradeshow in Central America, “AGRITRADE Expo & Conference”, a tradeshow designed to promote the Central American agricultural sector competitiveness and opportunities to the European Market. AGRITRADE will be held in the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala, on March 12-13, 2015. Nowadays we are working to confirm the attendance of European companies, bringing the region the opportunity to expand the export markets.   

The competitive advantages Guatemala has to offer such as geographical location, wealth of resources, high quality in labor and a high performance in logistics, positions the country as the metropolis of Central America, being a sophisticated and modern country with political stability and a diverse economy.

More about the Ambassador:

Ambassador Gabriel Aguilera Peralta lawyer and notary, graduated in Legal and Social Sciences from Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. He also holds a Master Degree of Political Science from Albert-Ludwig University in Freiburg, Germany. Thereafter he has completed several post-graduate degrees at institutions in Guatemala and Spain.

Ambassador Gabriel Aguilera diplomatic career and positions, previous ambassadorial post:

Ambassador to Peru and concurrently to the Plurinational State of Bolivia (2010-2014)

Ambassador to Germany and concurrently to Poland (2008-2010)

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs -on two occasions (1996-1999) (2003-2004)

Among his diplomatic distinctions and orders, he holds the “Bernardo O Higgins” Chile, “Cruzeiro do Sul” Brazil, “El Sol del Perú” Perú, “Honorato Vasquez” Ecuador, “Mérito Federal” Germany, all in rank of Grand Cross.

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