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Australia accredits Philip Green in Germany

H.E. Philip Green, Australia's Ambassador to Germany.

Wednesday, 11 November 2020, Berlin-Tiergarten, Germany: At the Langhans Hall in Bellevue Palace, Australia’s Ambassador to Germany, Philip Victor Green, was accredited as the commonwealth’s top diplomatic envoy before Federal President Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier. He was accompanied to the ceremony by his consort, Susan Green
Philip Green is a senior career diplomat at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and was most recently First Assistant Secretary, United States and Indo-Pacific Strategy Division, that is to say, in charge of overseeing relations vis-à-vis the USA, Canada as well as the ASEAN member states.

Previously he served overseas as head of mission in Singapore (2012-2016), South Africa (2004-2008) and Kenya (1998-2000).
Ambassador Green holds a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours as well as a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sydney. He is a recipient of the Order of Australia. 

Ambassador Philip Green shall in the near future be accredited as well to the Principality of Liechtenstein and the Swiss Confederation as per the co-accreditations assigned to the embassy located in Germany. 

For further information 
Australian Embassy in Berlin: https://germany.embassy.gov.au/beln/aboutus.html

German Federal Presidency: https://www.bundespraesident.de/DE/Home/home_node.html#-gallery


Photography courtesy of Australia’s Embassy in Berlin

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