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Brigadier General Christopher R. Norrie bids farewell to Germany

Staatsminister Dr. Florian Herrmann zeichnet Brigadier General Christopher R. Norrie mit der Europamedaille aus / Kommandowechsel der US-Streitkräfte in Bayern in Grafenwöhr am 02.06.2021, 09:45 Uhr Bild: Bayerische Staatskanzlei

Wednesday, 2 June 2021, Free State of Bavaria, Germany: Head of Bavarian Chancellery, Dr. Florian Herrmann, Minister for Federal Affairs and Media, awarded the Commander of the 7th Army Training Command of the US Army, Brigadier General Christopher R. Norrie, with the Bavarian ‘European Medal’ for ‘his special services to the Free State of Bavaria in Europe, and the world’.

Dr. Herrmann said as per statement below: “Brigadier General Christopher R. Norrie was a real stroke of luck for Bavaria. From the very beginning, he sought open dialogue with the local elected representatives and the Bavarian State Government on matters of concern to the US Army and the neighbouring communities of the Grafenwöhr military training area.

This good cooperation has led, for example, to a reduction of noise pollution during manoeuvres for the population. The exemplary efforts of General Norrie in the Corona pandemic should also be highlighted. Thanks to consistent measures and close cooperation with the authorities in Bavaria, countless lives were protected and illnesses prevented. With a solidarity campaign in which videos of Bavarian and American associations were projected onto the water tower of the US garrison in Grafenwöhr, General Norrie strengthened the feeling of togetherness in difficult times and gave people courage. General Norrie is a diplomat in uniform – his commitment to Bavarian-American friendship deserves our special thanks and recognition.”

Brigadier General Norrie is succeeded by Brigadier General Joe Hilbert as Commander of the 7th Army Training Command. 

Since 1990, the ‘European Medal’ has been awarded to exemplary personalities who have rendered outstanding services to the Free State of Bavaria in a united Europe, or who have contributed to Bavaria’s international standing in the world. From the first award until today (including the current recipient), a total of 326 people have received the award.

On the other side, Minister Dr. Herrmann was also presented the ‘Meritorious Public Service Medal’ by Brigadier General Christopher Cavoli. The Meritorious Public Service Medal is US Army’s highest award for civilians in Europe. Bavaria is the largest stationing location for the US Army in Europe and stands firmly by its U.S. ally and partner. More than 40,000 US soldiers and civilians make a valuable contribution to protecting peace and security here.

Germany is an strategic partner for the U.SA., as a matter of fact, the republic’s Defense Attaché based in Berlin, Capt. Mike Wenke, serves likewise in the capacity as U.S. Defense Representative on behalf of the Combatant Commander, European Command.

Germany is home to the largest number of U.S. defense personnel outside the United States. Present U.S. troop strength is roughly 80,500 uniformed members. 

For further information:

Bavarian Government: https://www.bayern.de/staatsminister-dr-florian-herrmann-zeichnet-brigadier-general-christopher-r-norrie-mit-der-europamedaille-aus-dr-herrmann-herausragendes-engagement-fuer-die-bayerisch-amerikanische-zusammenarbei/

U.S. General Consulate in Bavaria (Consul General Meghan Gregonis): https://de.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/munich/consul-general/
Defense Attaché Office (Capt. Mike Wenke): https://de.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/government-agencies/the-defense-attache-office-dao/

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