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Dr Nicholas O’Brien reinforces dialogue with Bundesrat President Ramelow

Dr. Nicholas O'Brien & Premier Bodo Ramelow - Picture by Staatskanzlei Thüringen.

Wednesday, 1 June 2022, Erfurt, Free State of Thuringia, Germany: The Premier of Thuringia, Bodo Ramelow, President pro tempore of the German Federal Council (Bundesrat) received the Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland, Dr. Nicholas O’Brien, in the Thuringian State Chancellery for his inaugural visit.

The purpose of the bilateral meeting was to become acquainted to each other as well as to exchange views on economic, political and cultural cooperation between Ireland and the Federal State of Thuringia. Dr Nicholas O’Brien has been accredited to the German Federation since 11 September 2019.

“Thuringia is the green heart of Germany. The heart is also reflected in the symbol of Thuringia’s 2022 Federal Council Presidency – mirrored from two twos” said Premier Bodo Ramelow as he presented the symbol of the Federal Council Presidency to the Ambassador of Ireland, Dr. Nicholas O’Brien, during his visit to the Thuringian State Chancellery.

This year Erfurt will be the official centre of celebrations for the German Unification Day. 

For further information
Government of the Free State of Thuringia: https://www.staatskanzlei-thueringen.de/medienservice/veranstaltungsberichte/detailseite/default-4565895049

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