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Presentation of “Əlifba: A Cultural Alphabet” by Ambassador Aghayev 

Ambassador Nasimi Aghayev presenting the book - Picture by Embassy of Azerbaijan in Germany.

The book “Əlifba: A Cultural Alphabet” is an Azerbaijani alphabet for adults and children, featuring colourful illustrations. Each letter of the Azerbaijani alphabet is associated with an architectural monument, work of art, historical tradition, or folklore character from our country. Behind each letter lies extensive research.

Ulviyya Mahmud, Editor-in-Chief of NARGIS Magazine and author of many unique art projects, is the ideological inspirer and author of the project. Her main goal is to promote Azerbaijani culture worldwide.

The book is presented in four languages: German, English, Spanish, and Italian. Its primary aim is to promote the history, cultural heritage, and language of Azerbaijan.

Nasimi Aghayev, Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Germany, and Ulviyya Mahmud, Editor-in-Chief of NARGIS Magazine, welcomed the guests and invited them to watch the film “History in Letters.” This documentary animation drama introduces viewers to Azerbaijani culture and history through the prism of the alphabet. It is not just a documentary animation film but a philosophical quest that immerses the viewer in an exploration of truth and the power of love for art.

The film was directed by Meran Ismailsoy, written by Agamehdi Abidov, and animated by Kanan Sheikhzamanly. This animated film was sponsored by BP.

The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that it was entirely created by Azerbaijanis. Guests enjoyed exquisite Azerbaijani cuisine accompanied by a musical programme featuring the People’s Artist of Azerbaijan, khanende Alim Qasimov, and Honoured Artist of Azerbaijan, pianist Isfar Sarabski. They presented a unique composition that synthesised mugham and electronic rhythms. Additionally, attendees enjoyed a recording by the young and talented Azerbaijani artist Elrein.

Sculptor Teymur Garibov created a special stand for the book in the shape of a crystal, and the illustrations were done by artist Orkhan Huseynov.

After the event, each guest received a unique edition of the book as a gift, along with a specially recorded music album featuring a composition by khanende Alim Qasimov and pianist Isfar Sarabski. Additionally, they received the June issue of NARGIS Magazine, a poster, postcards, and a map.

The project “Əlifba. A Cultural Alphabet” was launched in 2019, with its first presentation held in Istanbul. The information in the book is available in four languages: Azerbaijani, Turkish, English, and Russian.

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Embassy of Azerbaijan in Germany: https://berlin.mfa.gov.az/en/news/4069/berlinde-yerlesen-azerbaycan-medeniyyet-merkezinde-elifba-a-cultural-alphabet-kitabinin-teqdimat-merasimi-kecirilib

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