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The Ambassador of Uganda, H.E. Ms. Mirjam Blaak

H.E. Ms. Mirjam Blaak, Ambassador of Uganda.

H.E. Ms. Mirjam Blaak (63) a lawyer and a career diplomat, was born and raised in the Netherlands and immediately after she obtained her Master of Laws Degree at Utrecht University she was appointed Protection Officer with UNHCR in Nairobi. 

She struck a very strong foundation with some of our most prominent Ugandans living as refugees in Kenya who were at the time actively involved in the NRA/NRM struggle to liberate Uganda. Faced with the dangers of forced repatriation to Uganda she managed to arrange resettlements for all those whose lives were endangered. 

When her UNHCR contract ended, she arranged through her diplomatic contacts for the NRA/NRM to be recognized by western countries as a formidable force. After liberation in January 1986 she was invited to Uganda, where she then established her Legal Consultancy and Tourism companies which she managed successfully.  Subsequently, she got married to the Late Dr. Ronald Batta (Lt.Col) with whom she had two sons.

In 2003 she was appointed Deputy Ambassador to Brussels which resulted in her revoking of her Dutch nationality and she became solely Ugandan. She successfully engaged in promoting Uganda to Dutch and Belgian investors but was also heavily involved in legal matters pertaining to the ICC and ICJ in the Hague. She was one of the main lobbyists for having three Ugandan judges elected to these Courts.

In 2010 she advocated for Uganda to be the host of the ICC Review Conference which was attended by 4000 delegates including UN Secretary-General. In 2012 she was appointed Head of Mission in Brussels accredited to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the EU. 

H.E. Ms. Mirjam Blaak, Ambassador of Uganda.

She has routinely organized several in- and outgoing trade missions each year which have resulted in sizeable investment and trade. 

Ambassador Mirjam Blaak fully subscribes to President Museveni’s statement that “women are the engines of our society.”

As a matter of fact, when she established her private companies her policy was to employ women only who proved to be highly competent, productive and dedicated to their service.

She is proud to continue to serve the Pearl of Africa and its hospitable people and is eager to bring Uganda to increased economic development and prosperity.

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