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Beautiful Tunisia

By Ms Zeineb Zouaoui, economic attaché, Embassy of the Republic of  Tunisia in The Hague.
Tunisia a North-African country located in the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Dutch tourists. It is less than a two hours flight from Europe.
Tunisia is also well known for its golden beaches and impressive desert sceneries.
One of the beautiful white sandy beaches in the Mediterranean sea spreading along its 1 300 kilometers coasts.
It has also a rich heritage with a great diversity of ruin sites dating back to Phoenician and Roman Carthage, Byzantine era, Vandals, Medinas and also Islamic architecture. Tunisia is proud of  three thousand years of history.
Over the centuries, the country – which was once the exclusive home of the Berbers – has hosted the world’s greatest powers through its history, such as the Phoenicians, the Romans and the Vandals, the  Byzantines, the Arabs, the Ottomans and the French.
Eight sites are under Unesco World Heritage : Carthage site, The Medina of Tunis, The Amphitheater of El Jem, the Punic town of Kerkouane, The Medina of Sousse, Kairouan, Dougga and Ichkeul National Park.
Tunisia has a variety of hotels ranging from Dars (Boutique hotels properties), farmhouses, to five star hotels, nearly 50 of them offer Thalassotherapy centers (Spa & Wellness).
Tunisia is ranked as the second world destination in Thalassotherapy (Wellness). It offers a wide range of possibilities of wellness treatments.
Thalasso comes from the Greek word thalassa, which means sea, and refers to a treatment with seawater. The therapy improves blood circulation and has a very positive effect on the body and mind. Other sea elements that can be used in Thalasso therapy are alga, mud and sand.
It is also a renowned world-class golfing destination, well integrated to the international circuit and much appreciated by professionals as well as amateurs alike.
There are eleven different golf courses with ideal weather conditions throughout the year.
The South is especially best known by its beautiful and unique desert landscape.Experience the Sahara on the back of a camel, for an unforgettable Arabian adventure. Over shifting sands and endless dunes enjoy sand-yachting, 4×4 adventures, camel treks or horse riding, travelling through the canyons with  seductive sunset watching through mystifying backdrop, or simply enjoy the spas or playing golf in the heart of the Sahara.
The Tunisian cuisine is influenced by the influx of different peoples. It is mainly a mix of Mediterranean dishes. Olive oil and herbs are frequently used, and Tunisian wines are known to have a tradition dating back to the Roman era together with a tradition of quality using  the best production techniques and modern winemaking. Couscous is the national dish and is served with vegetables, lamb or fish.
Discover all these treasures, experience Tunisia!

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