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Official celebration 100 years Peace Palace


On Wednesday 28 August, 2013, the official celebration of the Peace Palace’s 100th anniversary took place. His Majesty King Willem-Alexander, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Mayor of The Hague Jozias van Aartsen took part in the ceremony. Watch the video of the commemoration on the Homepage. August 28th marks the centennial anniversary of the Peace Palace in The Hague. Since its inauguration, the Peace Palace has become a worldwide icon of Peace and Justice. A chain of special events are scheduled between August 28th and September 21st, the UN Day of Peace, to emphasize The Netherlands’ unwavering commitment to a better world in which conflicts are settled peacefully.


Italy offered a unique wine, the Wine of Peace.Produced since 1985 in the Vineyard of the World of Cormons, in the north-east Friuli-Venezia Giulia (see attachment), it is the result of the mixing of more than 600 vines from all over the world. A symbol of the coming together of so many different nationalities within the Italian millenarian tradition of wine-making. Each bottle is decorated with an artistic label, designed and written by famous painters and artists from different countries, changing every year. 

Bottles of the Wine of Peace have been offered in the past to many international Authorities, political and religious, as a token of the peaceful settlement of disputes and as the symbol of mankind’s striving for peace.

The true soul of the world, brotherhood and reconciliation, all in a glass of wine! 

To know more about the Wine of Peace: www.cormons.com

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