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FINE ARTS. Fête Du Beaujolais


By Drs. Eva Maria E. Mennes.


France knows how important culture can be to promote a country. One of the most

charming ways to advertise ‘La douce France’ in autumn is the Fête Du Beaujolais. Every

year it is a tradition at the Wittenburg Castle. Already at the gate a ‘French police man’

guided your car up to the driveway through the wood, lightened with big torches and

again a ‘Police man’ helped you to find the way on the driveway. Valet parking took over

and you were welcomed with French music on the stairs and at the entrance of course by

the manager of the castle Mrs. Hoogeweegen. After a first glass of wine, served by

‘French waitresses’,  21 2CVs, the funny little French cars, crossed the terrace of the

castle to bring ‘French Police’, ‘Cancan girls’ and last but not least the excellent chef Jan

Willem Rietfeld and his staff all with the French Tricolore and magnum bottles of the new

red wine, the Beaujolais Primeur up to the castle. Ralf Meppelder, the general manager of

Wittenburg castle shortly greeted the many VIP guests with a charming speech. The

celebration was enhanced  with life music by Michiel Borstlap and French songs of the

famous Dutch singer Liesbeth List  who interpreted the French icon Edith Piaf. Her

beautiful dress was a creation of the Dutch couturier Ronald Kolk, also present, who

could easily compete with the best French colleagues.

In the Lodewijk zaal the main sponsor of the evening, Mark van Nieuwkerk of jeweller

Schaap & Citroen showed samples of the Reverso, the Master Compressor and the

Atoms collections of Jaeger Le Coultre watches.

The whole evening was an example of class with excellent snacks, different cru wines

and of course the new French wine by Jaap and Martijn of Kwast Wijnkopers, the

Beaujolais Primeur.

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