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New Courses for Diplomats Spring 2014

After the success of the first course in October – November the Academy organises five different modules in order to familiarize foreign diplomats and expats with the Dutch society and politics. Course supervisor is Dr.  Bob van den Bos, political scientist and former member of the Dutch and European Parliament. Also several distinctive guest speakers will share their knowledge and experience with the participants. Every participant will receive a certificate of attendance.


The  sessions will take place from 5.15 pm until 7.30 pm at Prinsevinkenpark 24 The Hague.

Module 1 Dutch Domestic Politics                                                           April, 7, 9,10

Module 2 How to deal with the Dutch and Diplomatic Protocol        April, 14, 16

Module 3 Dutch foreign and European Policy                                        May, 5, 7

Module 4 European policy                                                                          May, 19, 21

Module 5 The role of the media                                                                 June 2, 4

Subscription is possible for a single module or for a combination of several modules. Contact: Mr Boy Frank, Course manager, boy.b.frank@gmail.com or 06 23450937. Participation fees and other details will be published in the next issues of Diplomatic Magazine.

Web address:  http://www.thehaguepoliticalacademy.nl


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