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Dies natalis 2014 of the Universiteit Leiden


By Drs. Eva Maria Elisabeth Mennes-Wuesten, Key holder of Leiden University.

Dies Natalis 2014.

The celebration of the 439th Dies Natalis will take place on Friday, February 7, at 15.00 hrs. in the Pieterskerk Leiden, Pieterskerkhof 1A. The programme will commence at 15.00 hrs precisely. There will be a live video broadcast of the ceremony, and a simultaneous translation will be provided in English.

The dies lecture will be delivered by Corinne Hofmann, Professor of Caribbean Archaeology and Dean of the Faculty of Archaeology, and is entitled: The Future of the Past. Subsequently, Honory Doctorates will be conferred on: Josef S. Smolen, Professor of Rheumatology, Chairman of Rheumatology and Internal Medicine at the Medical University of Vienna, for his impressive contribution to fundamental and clinical research in the field of rheumatology.

The Honorary Supervisor is Professor Tom W.J. Huizinga, Head of the Department of Rheumatology, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). The Dean of the Faculty is Professor Pancras C.W. Hogendoorn. Herbert Waldmann, Professor of Chemical Biology at the Max Planck Institute in Dortmund, for his scientific work in the field of chemical biology. The Honorary Supervisor is Hermen S. Overkleeft, Professor of Bio-organic Sysnthesis, Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC) at the Faculty of Science. The Dean of the Faculty is Professor Geert R. de Snoo. The guitarist and composer, Marlon Titre will perform the musical interlude.

He received his Leiden University PhD in December 2013 after having completed the docARTES Doctoral Programme in Music, organized by the Orpheus Institute in Ghent. The Chairman of the Leiden University Student Platform, Marc Newsome, will present the Leiden 2014 Teaching Prize. 
Marjolein Soethoudt, master’s student of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and winner of the Unilever Research Award 2013, will then present her award-winning graduate research. During the reception following the official ceremony there will be the opportunity to congratulate the members of the Executive Board of the University, the Dies lecturer, the Honorary Doctors and their Supervisors, the Deans, the prize winners, and their partners. The reception will start at approximately 16:30 hrs.

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