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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic


The Kyrgyz Republic.

The Kyrgyz Republic is a country in the heart of Central Asia with a developed democratic system. The country has a multi-party parliamentary system and  a democratically elected coalition government. Civil society and private sector are able to play an active role in the democratic and the economic systems. The Kyrgyz Republic enjoys rich natural resources, a skilled labor force, a strategic location and a supportive government. Foreign investors will find outstanding opportunities in this beautiful country. The mission of the Chamber The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-profit, non-governmentalorganization made up of a team of experts. For this moment it has around 700 members, as well as 20.000 associate-member companies, which is around half of all the companies in the country.

The membership includes consultancy firms, universities, banks and companies from all sectors. Membership in the Chamber is voluntary but our members understand that working together in this organization is the best way to achieve results. The Chamber also serves as a platform for making connections between local companies and foreign investors and partners. To promote international ties, the

Chamber regularly organize meetings, business trips and exhibitions. The mission of the Chamber is to promote and support the local private sector and to play a leading role in forming partnerships between local and international companies.

Promotion of Kyrgyz private sector

The most important focus of the Chamber is to support small and medium-sizes enterprises, which make up more than 80% of all members. Another priority is to foster public-private partnerships because we believe business development cannot succeed without such partnerships. The Chamber initiated the concept of public-private partnerships here and serves as the main liaison between the business sector and official government bodies concerning these initiatives. Now the Kyrgyz Republic has 18 public-private-partnership projects underway. To support these projects, the Chamber created the Department of New Projects that includes eight committees of experts in major sectors, from agriculture to tourism. Next year the Chamber will represent the Kyrgyz Republic at Expo 2015 in Milan. Representative in The Netherlands

As representative of the Chamber in The Netherlands my motto is POP³:

Progress and Opportunities for People Planet Profit.

I make the connection between the Dutch experience and Kyrgyz ambition for making a sustainable social economic development  with a focus on trade,environment, water management and infrastructure. For me it is also important to deliver a contribution and create a platform for knowledge exchange in the field of education, culture and healthcare.

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