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Ciconia Consort in concert


Ciconia Consort celebrates spring in music and images.

The Hague – Ciconia Consort brings an ode to spring in its concert ‘Sacre du Printemps’ , conducted by Dick van Gasteren, in the Nieuwe Kerk, The Hague, on Sunday March 23rd.

In the world of arts, ballet pays most attention to rituals of spring. The ‘Sacre du Printemps’ by Strawinsky is the best-known example. No wonder that a great part of the concert programme consists of suites from ballet music. However, spring also has inspired other composers and top works.

First, Ciconia Consort will pay attention to the Dutch and Hague composer Otto Ketting (1935-2012). His ‘Souvenirs du Printemps’ seems to be the ideal introduction to the following works of Strawinsky and Copland, as he integrates the Viennese decadency and American heroism of Strawinsky with Dutch soberness and poetry and touches of jazz, like Copland has done in his music.

‘Apollon Musagète’ by Strawinsky and ‘Appalachian Spring’ by Copland have been commissioned by the ‘Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation’ and performed in the Library of Congress in Washington DC. Conductor Dick van Gasteren will elucidate this co-operation and the atmosphere of the first half of the 20th century, using authentic photo’s and film fragments.

Meet and greet

After the concert, the audience is welcome to meet the director, musicians and each other, while enjoying a spring-bite and sparkling drink in bar-restaurant ‘Pavlov’, next to the Nieuwe Kerk.

Children’s programme

If there is enough interest, children up to 12 years may follow a special educational programme, under the guidance of a professional music teacher for the little ones. They will attend part of the concert.

When: Sunday March 23rd, 2014, start at 2.30 p.m.
Where: The Nieuwe Kerk, The Hague
Fees: children 4-12 years old € 2,50, “ooievaarspas” (reduction card)/youngsters/students € 10,-, other € 19,-/€ 21,50/€ 25,-/€ 28,50.
For more information, registration of children’s participation in the children’s programme, and tickets: www.ciconiaconsort.nl and sale of tickets at the entrance of the hall.


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