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Royal Talents for HRH Princess Beatrix

Princess Beatrix with students

Royal Academy of Music offers HRH Princess Beatrix special performance

On Friday 14 March, HRH Princess Beatrix was offered a special performance in the auditorium, the Kees van Baarenzaal, in The Hague. The performance was entirely carried out by the pupils of the School for Young Talents, in which music, dance and visual arts alternated with and completed each other.  In this manner the Academy of Music wished to express its appreciation and reverence for all Princess Beatrix had meant to the arts and in particular to music and dance during her reign.

The programme of this special performance was performed by approximately 170 pupils aged between 10 and 18 of the School voor Jong Talent (School for Young Talents). That night, the music pupils of Jong KC played in the Atheneum Chamber Orchestra and various ensembles, during which they alternated with or were completed by the dancers of the Dancing Academy. The fine arts pupils took care of the visual design during the scene changes and a small exposition in the foyer. The programme gave an impression of their joy and enthusiasm and an outline of the excellence and diversity to which these young talents are challenged day by day.


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