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IWC Culinary Odyssey


 By Sonia MEIJER.

It was my turn to organize the Culinary Odyssey Luncheon for the International Women’s.

   After been on the Board in 2009 , in spite of my very busy life  within my Language Institute Direct Languages Center, I still remain a member at the IWC due to the so many wonderful activities the Club has. The Culinary Odyssey Committee is to savor the delights of the best restaurants in The Hague, and what better than Impero Romano,  where yesterday the food and the personal were  excellent . At the Luncheon we had the chance to talk with all our fellow members and get to know eachother more.  I was also happy to have at this luncheon friends who enjoy to come to the IWC , among them were this distinguish ladies : Wive’s of the Ambassador of El Salvador, of Guatemala and Mexico and one special new guest, Dr.Mayelienne Lara, wife of Dr. Eugenio Matos G, Minister Counselor at the Embassy of the Dominican Republic and Honorary Associate Publisher of  Diplomat Magazine. Last but not least like Philosopher  Hipócraes said ” Let food be the nutrition and your Medicine “.
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