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President of Zambia passed away


President Michael Chilufya Sata passed away in London

By Baron Henri Estramant.

Just a few days after the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Zambia’s independence, which took place on 24 October 1954, the country is in national sorrow; President Michael Chilufya Sata (77) passed away in London, where he was hospitalised for an unknown condition, on 28 October 2014.  Michael Sata (6 July 1937 – 28 October 2014) was Zambia’s fifth president from 23 September 2011 to 28 October 2014.

The Zambian constitution requires presidential elections to take place 90 days after the office becomes vacant. In the meantime, Vice-President Guy Scott makes history by becoming the first Caucasian state leader in Sub-Saharan African since the end of apartheid. Accurately he is “Acting President” rather than the formal president. Africa’s hitherto last actual Caucasian president was South Africa’s Frederik de Klerk who lost elections to Nelson Mandela in 1994.

Zambia is a multi-party presidential republic wherein the President is both, Head of State and of Government. Before independence the country was known as Northern Rhodesia by the British colonial administration.



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