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Famous Dutch Designer’s pop up store at Carlton



On Sunday 25 January, one of the banquet rooms of the Carlton Ambassador will be turned into a pop up store from the famous Dutch designer Addy van de Krommenacker.

These pop up stores more often presented through The Netherlands and France and all arranged by Marloes van de Wetering from Addy-Europe. Please have a look at their facebook page for an impression: https://www.facebook.com/addycannes

 Who will be interested in the ADDY Ready to Wear Collection which will be in the pop up store?  We could not think of a better audience than the Diplomat Magazine’s readers!

Interested in Addy Ready to Wear Collection?

Come to Carlton Ambassador on  January 25th from 12pm – 8pm  to look and fit this collection from the famous Dutch designer Addy van de Krommenacker .

For registration and more information, please contact: info@addy-europe.com

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