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New In-House Scanning service for Diplomats


Diplomatic Card Company introduces In-House Scanning service for diplomats.

Special Report from Diplomat Magazine.

Diplomatic Card Company (DCC) specializes in advanced services for diplomats such as a Tax-Free Fuel service and a VAT-service. The company’s main goal is to make the Diplomat’s stay in the Netherlands as comfortable and as hassle-free as possible, by reducing the administrative paperwork to a minimum for the diplomat. Diplomat Magazine had a chat with Manolis Arvanitis, General Manager at Diplomatic Card Company, to explain the In-House Scanning service DCC is providing.

“With our fuel card and VAT-free card, diplomats are already able to fuel up VAT- and Tax-free and to purchase goods VAT-free if the amount exceeds the minimum of € 225.00 per quarter. In addition, diplomats and international organisations asked us if we could develop a service system in order to take care of the handling of the VAT-reimbursement of their small tickets and invoices. Before, this reimbursement process was very complicated and time consuming,” Arvanitis explains. “We looked into it with our IT-department and developed a new service which we called In-House Scanning. After the Ministry of Finance approved the principle, we could finalise the system, which is now fully operational.”New Diplomatic Card

“The In-house Scanning completely unburdens the diplomats and their staff from the reimbursement process,” Arvanitis continues. “DCC developed the system and takes care of the complete installation at the Diplomat’s or International Organisations’ office after which the Diplomat can get rid of the paperwork by the simple push of a button. They only have to scan their small tickets and they are automatically processed. With this service there is no more need to send invoices or small tickets back and forth in order to get the VAT back. This is not only easier for the diplomats, it also reduces the risks of losing documents. With the In-house Scanning system administration is reduced to a minimum and diplomatic staff is now able to work on more useful matters. Moreover, like with the VAT-free card, we reimburse the diplomat within 48 hours after approval”.

“User-friendliness and safety are the main focal points in our services and we make use of the latest technology to put these into practice. We also attach great importance to dialogue and personal contact with our clients and other stakeholders. We try to involve them as much as possible to develop the best services fit for diplomats”.

For additional information visit: http://www.diplomaticcard.com/nl/  or contact Diplomatic Card at: Call our Card Centre +31 76 54 87 344
or email info@diplomaticcard.nl

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