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The Hague International City


Edith Bergansius, Isabel Ferrer and His Excellency Fernando Arias Gonzalez.


By Elena Ferré.


More than thirty guests  joined a presentation on Tuesday 3 February to listen to Isabel Ferrer, news correspondent for El Pais newspaper in Netherlands. The meeting “The Hague International City” was organized by the Hispanic Association of The Hague in the presence of His Excellency Fernando Arias Gonzalez, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain.

Ms. Edith Bergansius, president of the Hispanic Association of The Hague, welcomed the guests and mentioned [by her own experience] how the Hague has changed through the last 25 years. She directly after left the podium to Isabel Ferrer.

Isabel Ferrer presented her view of how the Hague is not only the official political and diplomatic capital of the Netherlands, but has attracted people from other locations with its charm and popular beach. However, beyond its charm, for the past 25 years the city has managed to call others attention and now is the international capital of peace and justice.Isaber-Ferrer

The Hague is base for 160 international organizations from the International Criminal Court, the International Criminal Court of Justice for the Former Yugoslavia, the Permanent Court of Arbitration to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical weapons. The fact is that the city is no longer charming, but the landscape has been transformed and people come to study law or work in organizations.

Ms. Isabel Ferrer addressed the fact that not many other cities have such a large representation, therefore, the city municipality has been good at calling for attention of international organizations.

Ms. Isabel Ferrer focused on the role the city has played in the international legal framework and on the international organization landscape beside its uniqueness.

The meeting concluded with a small networking session.





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