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Diplomats Meet & Greet, soon two years of success !!!


By John Kennedy Stewart, International Relations and Academic Diplomatic Researcher.

When I have first contacted Dr. Eugenio Matos G. – Charge d’affaires a.i. at the Dominican Republic Embassy in The Hague and Associate Publisher for Diplomat Magazine – in summer 2013, I was honored to be invited to attend several Diplomats Meet&Greet organized by this publication and hosted by embassies at Carlton Ambassador Hotel. Diplomats Meet&Greet (DMG) was initially conceived since Diplomat Magazine’s foundation. It rapidly became a well-known initiative, boosting the image of the City of Peace and Justice – The Hague. A key counseling expertise behind the scene for this production was under Mr. Arwin Paulides’ mastermind, General Manager of Carlton Ambassador Hotel.

With its home-based at the Carlton Ambassador Hotel, Diplomats Meet&Greet is a monthly event gathering some 130 diplomats and special guests. So far, it has welcomed more than 2000 visitors in less than 17 months, including the presence of Her Excellency, Atifete Jahjaga, President of Kosovo, on 5 December, 2013 https://diplomatmagazine.eu/2013/12/21/president-kosovo-pays-visit-diplomat-club-hague/

Likewise, some invitees come as far as from Spain, Germany, Austria, London and of course from Brussels. Many ministers, dignitaries, representatives from international organizations, Burgmeisters, Dutch entrepreneurs, members of parliament, journalists, politicians, NGOs, the military, royal families, the academia and individuals from the Dutch civil society have paid a courtesy visit to Diplomat Magazine’s Diplomat Meet&Greet at Carlton.

Ambassadors willing to host their DMG should contact Diplomat Magazine to reserve an available month. Both Diplomat Magazine and Diplomatic Card sponsor embassies to make their events an unforgettable one adapted to each diplomatic mission’s needs.

In the view of Dr. Matos “Diplomats Meet&Greet has since given the opportunity to the diplomatic corps to enhance their cultural, bilateral trade and diplomatic ties with the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It has also served to international organizations to have a say in terms of press relations. Thanks to Diplomat Magazine, our Embassy in The Hague had the privilege to host its 1st Dominican Diplomats Meet&Greet in April, 2014 at Carlton Ambassador, which I consider the most successful diplomatic event for our mission since its inauguration ten years ago” said Minister Counselor Dr. Eugenio Matos, before departing to Buenos Aires, Argentina in a new diplomatic assignment.

Diplomat Magazine stands strong as the main diplomatic media in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It echoes the willingness of ambassadors and the diplomatic community to participate as contributing writers alongside the integration of Dutch volunteers keen to be introduced to the diplomatic society. “Just little over a year ago, I had the pleasure of welcoming the initiative of publishing the Diplomat Magazine, and anticipated that the international community in The Hague would undoubtedly receive it with enthusiasm. That prediction not only became true, but this Magazine quickly established itself as the leader media covering a wide range of diplomatic events, and thus as the number one consulting media for an overview of the most important diplomatic events in The Hague”, said H.E. Carlos Arguello Gomez, Ambassador of Nicaragua and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, through his welcome letter addressed to Diplomat Magazine in November, 2014 and published on page 9 on the first printed version of DM http://issuu.com/yumipepijnudo/docs/binnenwerk_dm_small

It is illustrative to open some links for a snapshot on Diplomat Magazine’s Diplomats Meet&Greet at Carlton Ambassador Hotel:








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