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1st. Embassy Art Exhibition 2015


Photography by G. Buonamassa.


By Roy A Lie Tjam.


On the initiative of Diplomat Magazine and Gallery Patries van Dorst, under the support of Vimpelcom was inaugurated  the long awaited 1st Embassy Art Exhibition  on Wednesday 14 October at  Landgoed de Witenburg, Wassenaar on 14 October.

For a photo album on the opening of the Embassy Art Exhibition featuring China, Lebanon, Serbia and Ukraine, please click here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/121611753@N07/albums/72157659633925150

also: http://www.patriesvandorst.nl/over-ons/embassy-art-exhibtion/

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Artist Liu Xiang, China.

Exhibitors and guests were warmly welcomed by Dr. Mayelinne De Lara from Diplomat Magazine, Patries van Dorst & Carel Reisch owners of the Gallery Patries van Dorst and also by  artists and representatives of China,  Ms Abir Ali Chargée d’affairs of Lebanon, H. E. Petar Vico Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia and H. E. Olexander Horin Ambassador of Ukraine.

The artists were Liu Xiang, Sofie Xie, Yun Xie, China. Tomislav Paunkovic, Jasmina Pejčić, Ivana Milenković, Nina Šrajber, Serbia and Vasyliy Kohutych, Ukraine.

From Lebanon Yazan Halwani,  Inaya Hodeib and Lara Zankoul; all displayed appealing works of art. The opening night provided a variety of works to delight the senses. Paintings, sculptures landscapes, surrealist pieces, the human form as well as nature were all interpreted in a unique way.

Family picture of some of the head of missions present at the vernissage.

During the welcome remarks Dr De Lara explained how the project was born and addressed a word of thanks to all embassies and those who have made this event possible, special thanks to the Ambassador for their enthusiasm and commitment.

Carel Reisch said: ‘In April we started this project and I have more white hair now than I had before. It was quite achievement to have the freedom to work with 50 artists to get all organised in such short time.

On behalf of the artists please note that most of the art you see here is for sale; special thanks to the Ambassador for their enthusiasm’.

Focusing on one of the exhibiting countries, Lebanon, the Charge d’affaires a.i. Ms Abir Ali  flanked by artist Ms. Inaya Hodeib noted ‘Art is not a luxury, art is a necessity. A necessity to bring people together and this exhibition that showcases artists from two continents and four countries proves that art can be a common denominator.’ Abir Ali continued, ‘I am happy that Lebanon is participating along with the embassies of China Serbia and Ukraine.’

Our artist belong to different arts expressions, the three of them extreme equal talented creators and modern, on display are works by Mr. Yazan Halwani a graffiti street artist, Ms, Inaya Hodeib, a painter and sculptor and Ms. Lara Zankoul a self taught photographer.’

‘As you can see in Lebanon and in my region we don’t lack talent, we don’t lack modernity and we don’t lack hope what’s we lack it’s a strong commitment and joint the international efforts for peace’.

It’s the first edition of the annual Embassy Art Exhibition, with 18 embassies, over 50 international artists participating and more than 300 pieces of artworks to be displayed from all over the world.

Ambassador of Ukraine H. E. Olexander Horin remarks, ‘I think that Wassenaar will be known very soon not only for the posh residencies of the ambassadors, and the place where Wassenaar agreements were signed on expert control, but also by this wonderful initiative of the Embassy Art Exhibition which will give an opportunity to bring the most interesting and young and old artist to present their wonderful words here.’   

‘Ukraine is represented here by a  young 30 years old painter Vasiliy Kohutych, his intense draws, landscapes, portraits seems taken from life. ‘

Deputy of the Embassy of Iran Mr. Habiballah Maleskshah, Ambassadors of Libya H.E. Mr. Breik A.B. Swessi, Tunisia H. E. Karim Ben Becher and Egypt H.E. Taher Farahat

This unique exhibition started on October 14th and will run until November 10th. A vernissage reception will be taking place each week and will be co-hosted by the ambassadors from the embassies for that particular week along with the exhibiting artists.

The participating embassies are: Armenia, Bangladesh, Ukraine, China, El Salvador, Estonia, Georgia, Italy, Kenya, Kosovo, Lebanon, Pakistan, Iran, Rwanda, Serbia, Slovenia, Tunisia and Venezuela.

Serbian Artist, Mr. Tomislav Paunković, Ms. Helena Tošić and Ms. Gordana Ljubisavljević, First Counsellor at the Serbian Embassy.

During his speech Ambassador of Serbia H. E. Petar Vico expressed his delight with the great opportunity for embassies and artists to be exposed to the Dutch public in this exceptional gallery, moreover he reflected on the art as a particular common field for partnership among countries.

He said, ‘ I’m particularly honored that the Republic of Serbia, on such an important event, is represented by the works of four Serbian artists as  Tomislav Paunković, Ivana Milenković, Nina Schreiber and Jasmina Pejčić.’ Tomislav Paunković whose biggest influence is Rembrandt van Rijn and who has previously exhibited in many European countries, was present at the opening.

Ambassador Vico pointed out that cultural bonds between countries are the strongest ones. He expressed his satisfaction that the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in The Hague participated in such an event that has contributed to further strengthening of cultural ties.

Serbia delegation  including  painter Tomislav Paunković, singer Ms. Helena Tošić  and embassy staff were actively participating of the event exchanging ideas and talking about  Serbia art to the guest.

October 21 will be the opening night for artists from: Bangladesh, Kenya, Kosovo, Rwanda and Tunisia. Embassy Art Exhibition is sponsor by Vimpelcom.

For information: http://www.patriesvandorst.nl/over-ons/embassy-art-exhibtion/

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