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Algeria National Day celebration 2015


On the picture H. E. Khalid Fahad Al-Khater, Ambassador of the State of Qatar, H.E. Mr. Ahmad Jalal Said Al Mufleh, Ambassador for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, H. E. Nassima Baghli Ambassador of Algeria, H. E.  Sayyid Mohammed Bin Harib Abdallah Al-Said, Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman and H.E. Abdalla Hamdan Mohammed Ahmed Alnaqbi, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates.

Photography by M.Hasan Kuday “Fotografie Studio Action”.


By Roy Lie A Tjam.

The Anniversary of the Revolution Day is the national holiday of Algeria. It is celebrated on 1 November and commemorates the start of the war of independence against France.

H.E. Ms. Nassima Baghli, Ambassador of Algeria, invited colleagues and friends to join her in the celebration of her country’s National Day at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on 2 November 2015. There was a sizeable turnout, and a relaxed, cordial atmosphere.

Algeria 2
Mrs. Marianne van Stekelenburg-Hasenbos, H.E. Ms. Nassima Baghli and Maja Christina Steenwijk – Groot.

Ambassador Baghli treated her guests to a traditional Algerian buffet, along with excellent Algerian wine and other select beverages. Attendees departed the Crowne Plaza Hotel satisfied with an excellent evening.

Besma Fayed, xxxx,


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