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New Court Marshall for Luxembourg

On the picture Lucien Weiler –  Picture Lëtzebuerger Chamber.
By Baron Henri Estramant.

Luxembourg’s Grand Ducal Court has announced the appointment of Lucien Weiler to the position of Marshall of the Court. He is due to take his post on 4 January 2016, and thus become the successor of Pierre Bley who retires on 31 December. Mr Bley shall retain the honorary title of Court Marshall as well as the honorary function of “Emissary of the Court vis-à-vis civil society” as decided by Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
Mr Weiler (64) is a jurist and former Member of Parliament. Between 2004 and 2009 he was speaker of parliament. For 10 years he presided over the CSV (Christian Social People’s Party) until 2013, when he failed to be re-elected and then retired from politics. 
The Court Marshall is the Grand Duke of Luxembourg’s representative in official ceremonies, particularly diplomatic events though his role is in evolution. Mr Weiler is due to take up less representative tasks and rather serve more as a liaison between the Grand Ducal Court and the Government. Moreover HRH The Grand Duke will now head a cabinet to deal more directly with the political agenda of His government. Mr Michel Heintz is the Chief of Cabinet, an utterly new position at court.  
Two other key posts still remain vacant, namely the one of communications as well as the Secretary General at the Administration of the Grand Duke’s Estates. 
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