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“Flame of Peace” awards ceremony in Brussels


On the picture Mimoza Ahmetaj (Kosovo), Denise Campbell Bauer (USA), President Herman Van Rompuy (EU), Matjaž Šinkovec (Slovenia), Herta Margarete and Sándor.

Thursday, 4 February 2016, Embassy of Slovenia, Brussels: A “Flame of Peace” awards ceremony was held in Brussels for first President of the European Council, Professor Count Herman Van Rompuy, US ambassador to Belgium, Denise Campbell Bauer as well as the Ambassador of Slovenia to Belgium, Luxembourg, the SPC of the EU, Matjaž Šinkovec, first Permanent Representative of Slovenia to NATO and former political dissident in Yugoslavia, and Kosovar Head of Mission to the EU, Belgium and Luxembourg, Mimoza Ahmetaj. 

For additional pictures on the Flame of Peace Awards in Brussels, please click here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/121611753@N07/albums/72157662172525144

Henri Estramant, Sándor and Herta Margarete von Habsburg and German ambassador Rüdiger Lüdeking.
Henri Estramant, Sándor and Herta Margarete von Habsburg and German ambassador Rüdiger Lüdeking.

Archduchess Herta Margarete von Habsburg of Austria-Tuscany is the President of the “The Association for the Furtherance of Peace”, which awards the “Flame of Peace” to persons in positions of leadership who engage themselves in the process of global/local peace and humanitarian initiatives wherever and whenever possible. The association’s Vice-President is Archduke Sándor von Habsburg and international affairs adviser is Baron Henri Estramant.

“The Flame of Peace is a symbol for worldwide peace, a reminder of our duty to be active for peace in our thoughts, words and deeds”.

The award has been presented to several heads of state such as Lech Wałęsa (Poland), Atifete Jahjaga (Kosovo), Adolf Ogi (twice president of the Swiss Confederation) as well as a plethora ambassadors and leaders paladins of peace such as the General Director of the Peace Palace, Steven van Hoogstraten in The Hague, former Austrian Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs (1987-1995), Dr. Alois Mock, Advisor to the Global Panel Foundation or HRH Prince Laurent of Belgium, President of the Royal Institute for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and the Promotion of Clean Technology.

For further information:

Flame of Peace: www.flameofpeace.org/page.php?26





Personal information about the President and Vice-President:

Genealogy: https://diplomatmagazine.eu/2014/03/29/royal-family-dmg-hague/

Royal House: http://granducato.org


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