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New DM Printed Edition


By John Kennedy Stewart.

Discover the state-of-the-art publication on international relations and diplomacy in the Netherlands. Welcome to our recent printed edition available at no charge on PDF:   https://issuu.com/diploflying/docs/dm.summer.2016

Diplomat Magazine has been  recognized by key European universities and marketing strategists as the fastest growing diplomatic publication in Europe, reaching so far 70,000+ clicks per month on this Online version, apart from its top quality printed-luxury version.

The magazine recently received the recognition from four Dutch academic centers specialized in diplomacy and social sciences, for its outstanding contribution to research on international relations.  As per recommendation of Dr. Eugenio Matos G, one of our diplomat founders and researchers, the magazine has offered the opportunity to non-diplomats (including Dutch citizens without international relations background, students and NGOs) to be introduced to members of the diplomatic corps. The gesture has allowed them to develop their own business projects, to be hired by embassies or international organizations, enhance their CVs or better achieve their academic or personal goals.

In June, 2016, members of the staff of Diplomat Magazine celebrated its 3rd anniversary at The Hague Marriot Hotel.

First contributing writers founders of Diplomat Magazine were:

 H.E. Carlos Jose Arguello, Ambassador of  Nicaragua, Dean of the Diplomatic corps. H.E. Roberto Canzadilla, Ambassador of Bolivia, vice-Dean of the Diplomatic corps. H.E. James Lambert, Ambassador of Canada. H.E. Huynh Minh Chinh, Ambassador of Vietnam. H.E. Martin Valentino, Ambassador of Malta. H.E. Yasumasa Nagamine,  Ambassador of Japan and  Dr. Eugenio Matos Gomez, DM’ strategist and project manager, Charge d’affaires a.i. of the Dominican Republic Embassy,  (currently Minister Counselor in Buenos Aires, Argentina).


The author is an international relations researcher. 

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