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“Ever Changing World”

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A new musical composition for the Peace Justice and Security Foundation The Hague.

In the summer of 2015 composer, artist and writer Dario Poli, received a communication from Florence Olara of The Hague Justice Portal introducing herself to him and inquiring if he could be interested in writing a new musical composition, especially for the Peace Justice and Security Foundation.

Her friendly, warm but professional manner of conversing with him, created a good impression and an immediate friendly bond was established. She informed him that the Foundation planned a number of events and activities to create and promote awareness about peace, justice and security across all age groups and communities.

After hearing the details of what she was trying to achieve, and realising it was truly an ambitious plan to create awareness, Dario accepted the challenge and readily agreed. Florence asked if the new song could be ready to be presented publicly at one of the Foundation events sometime in the future and wrote, “I therefore write to invite you to write an original song which captures the essence of The Hague as a city of peace, justice and security and for the need for peace justice and security to be applied uniformly and globally for all.”

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Florence Olara, by Qing de Man.

She arranged for Dario to attend the 70th anniversary of the founding of the UN held at the Peace Palace in The Hague, where he was introduced to officials and personalities and heard numerous speeches that evening.

As it was such an important task, Dario decided that for this special gala event, he would bring in the best professionals he knew to help create the new song. He firstly wrote the music and experimented with text. But for the lyrics he invited the talented Scottish musician David Mairs, the co–author with Dario, of “Amsterdam the Musical” and his favourite lyric writer, who after hearing Dario’s new music, penned a brilliant lyric to match the music that eloquently evokes the spirit of the song and the inspiration of the Foundation titled “Ever Changing World.”

Dario at this point decided that new song for the foundation would require a different level of musical expression, with vocals in English and recording standards that would be better achieved in the UK. So he contacted his long-time friend and renowned British musical director David Redston whose association goes back to the 1970s, when David worked with Dario as his musical director, conductor and arranger. Their careers took them in different directions for many years, until they reunited to collaborate on “Diana – the Musical” in the 1990s. David Redston has had a long and illustrious career in music, working non-stop as a composer, arranger, and conductor with major projects.

When approached by Dario to work on the Justice Peace and Security Foundation project, David jumped at the opportunity to work with his old friend once more. When “Ever Changing World” was written, David was a natural choice as his vast experience and theatrical flair enabled him to combine many different influences into one fantastically dramatic song. As David explains: “When I first heard the song, I knew I wanted to work on the project. It is such an inspiring and uplifting piece of Music, that we feel truly reflects the values and aspirations of the Gala.”

On Learning that the Foundation was also looking for an original painting Dario contacted two of most creative talents in Andalucía, Mugge Fischer from Denmark and Ose del Sol a Spanish painter from Marbella, the joint owners of Grupo Artenovum, a highly regarded design company. Mugge contacted Florence and an agreement was reached for the two flamboyant artists to produce the painting and create a CD cover for the song “Ever Changing World” when the song is eventually released the following year.

They wrote. “For many years we have worked closely together with Dario Poli on many projects, and most recently “Amsterdam the Musical”. The world is ever changing and moving, and so are we. And we are so pleased to have been asked to be a part of yet another project together with Dario. This time for something that we all dream for: Peace, Justice and Security. So when we were contacted by Florence Olara from The Peace, Justice and Security Foundation who asked us to be part of the process, in our field – ART, we took about 1 second to say…”Yes Dear Florence…off course we will”. So we are right now working on a painting, which is going to be a magnificent work of art, for a great cause in which we are proud to be participating…peace, justice and security in an ever changing world”. Mugge & Ose.

Dario Poli, David Mairs, David and Joe Redston, Mugge Fischer, Ose del Sol are now looking forward to arriving in the beautiful city of The Hague and present their creative efforts to a very special audience that Florence Olara and her dedicated team have gathered for the inaugural gala to help promote the Peace Justice and Security Foundation’s ambitions, to make this world a better place.


Brief biographical Information.

Florence Olara is the Chair and Co-Founder of the Peace, Justice and Security Foundation and the Strategic Director of The Hague Justice Portal.

Dario Poli is a composer, writer and artist.

David Mairs is an experienced Scottish musician, performer and song writer, working in the genre of popular music with such famous bands as The Searchers, The Easy beats, the Tremelos, Love Affair, Edison Lighthouse and many more and has collaborated with composer Dario Poli on numerous projects including the Marbella campaign.

David Redston has had a long and illustrious career in music, working non-stop as a composer, arranger, conductor and has worked on feature films including “Rambo: First Blood” with the legendary Jerry Goldsmith, and “Priest of Love” with Sir Ian McKellen. He has conducted the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, and worked on the illustrious Royal Tournament. In theatre, David has worked on countless musicals in the West End and beyond, featuring such luminaries as Michael Ball, Michael Crawford, Elaine Paige and up-and-coming starlet, Laura Michelle Kelly and much more.

Mugge Fischer from Denmark and Ose del Sol a Spanish painter from Marbella, are the joint owners of Grupo Artenovum, a highly regarded design company in Marbella Spain and well known for their successful “Donna’s del Mundo” art series.











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