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On the picture Mr Aldo Verbruggen, President of AMADE Nederland.

AMADE Nederland, a beautiful gala evening in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

In presence of Mr Daniel Endres, Deputy High Commissioner of UNHCR and Director External Relations UNHCR, AMADE Nederland organized a beautiful charity gala evening in Het Noordbrababants Museum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, on the 12th of November 2016.

AMADE Nederland is an independent Dutch charity organization established as a local branch of AMADE Mondiale in Monaco. AMADE was initiated more than 50 years ago by the late Princes Grace, and chaired by Her daughter HRH The Princess of Hanover, Princess Caroline of Monaco since 1993.

AMADE stands up for the most vulnerable children in the world regardless nationality, origin, or religion all over world trying to improve their surroundings in terms of healthcare, education and protection of their rights.

AMADE initiates aid campaigns independently or supports aid programs in cooperation with other organizations and operates through a network of local AMADE branches in several countries on almost each continent.

Daniel Endres, Deputy High Commissioner of UNHCR, President Aldo Verbruggen and Director Pieter Bogaardt.
Daniel Endres, Deputy High Commissioner of UNHCR, President Aldo Verbruggen and Director Pieter Bogaardt.

AMADE Nederland was incorporated in May 2014 on the initiative of Mr Pieter Bogaardt, Dutch citizen and resident of Monaco, former member of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee of AMADE Mondiale. A few years ago AMADE Nederland has made commitment to join the worldwide campaign of UNHCR ‘Time to Act’, in support of the Syrian refugee children, with the aim of preventing a lost generation and breaking the barriers of access to education and health care. The gala event in Het Noordbrabants Museum was dedicated thereto and with great success.

Upon arrival of the honouree guests, reception took place at the ‘Centrale As’ of the museum. After the cocktail the guests visited the impressive exhibition of Claire Morgan, ‘The Sound of Silence’. Once the guests were welcomed in the historical hall of the museum, a delightful dinner was served in a magical atmosphere, enlivened by baritone Ernst Daniel Smid and his musicians. During dinner true serious matters were presented.

The speech by the President of AMADE Nederland, Mr Aldo Verbruggen, was inspiring, emphasizing the urge to act and to continue to act, supporting the vulnerable child refugees and making the attendants aware of the responsibility of all people in the free world. Caring for these children can make a difference; it might be a small drop, but small drops all together will ultimately result into an ocean.

Mr Daniel Endres, explained the role of UNHCR in the terrible Syrian conflict, the refugee children can do nothing about and pointed out the on going difficulties UNHCR is facing every day again and again, at the same time stating, how much private initiatives to support UNHCR in fulfilling its tasks and obligations, are being very very much appreciated.

Director Pieter Bogaardt, Vice-President of AMADE Nederland and Managing Director Henri Estramant, Royal Bridges.

The gala event ended with an auction of high quality items such as a sculpture of the German artist Rotraut Klein-Moquay, ‘Playing with Stars’, donated by Guy Pieters Gallery in Knokke Le Zoute, a beautiful bronze sculpture of the Dutch well known artist Nancy Faas, ‘Protection, Art meets Humanity’, a weekend in the legendary Plaza Athénée in Paris and jewellery of Gassan Diamonds, ‘Fly me to the Moon’, led by the famous auction master Mr Junior Zegger.

Thanks to the guests offering high amounts for the items and thanks to Mr Paul van Rensch, who sponsored the evening by contributing great travel photo books and some selected photographs printed on metal, all items auctioned for impressive amounts. The auction was a great success!

The major part of the revenue of the event will be donated for the benefit of the Syrian child refugees in the camps in Jordan. Another part of the revenue will be donated to an educational project for children to be organized by Het Noordbrabants Museum.

Charity is a never-ending story. With the contribution of donators AMADE hopes to make the life of some children a little better. Find out more about AMADE and visit the website (www.amade-nederland.com).



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