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Catalan Maria Badia enters Committee of Regions


Maria Badia i Cutchet.

Catolonia’s Secretary for Foreign Affairs and for the European Union, Maria Badia i Cutchet (b. 1947), has been appointed a member of the Committee of Regions with seat in Brussels at the behest of the Royal Spanish Government.

Maria Badia takes over Jordi Solé in the Committee of Regions, and is due to remain in the post until the end of the ongoing mandate on 25 January 2020. She is a politician, formerly a member of the Socialist Party, and EU MP between 2004 and 2014.

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Catalonian Council on Public Diplomacy: http://www.diplocat.cat/es/quienes-somos/organizacion/17-organos-de-gobierno-del-consejo-de-diplomacia-publica-de-cataluna

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