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The European Union is a partner committed with the development (I)


By Andree Cardona.

The European Union is a trade and diplomatic partner absolutely strategic for Latin America, the bilateral relations could be better and preserve. The present article will be concentrate to highlight the trade influence that the European Union represents in Central and South America.

With Central America- the European Union- subscribe the Association Agreement (AA) with political, trade and international cooperation pillars since June 2012 the Agreement was signed in Tegucigalpa, Honduras; the trade pillar has begun- ratified by Central American countries- in December 2013, product of that AA, highlights the (PRAIAA in Spanish) Regional Project of Support to the Central American Economic Integration and the implementation of the AA between European Union and Central America) this have as purpose support the Central American Economic Integration process, trade facilitation and the AA implementation.

The AA in numbers- according to Central American Economic Integration Secretariat- Costa Rica and Honduras have more participative percentage of the exportations with the European Union (51.8% and 18.7% respectively) about the importations, the principles countries are Panama with 26.1% and Costa Rica 23.6%.

“The trade pillar of the AA, its ambitious and cover more than only goods and duties. Besides of promote the regional integration with concrete commitments, the AA pursues the chains between two missions” said Pelayo Castro, European Union Ambassador to Costa Rica last year in a forum.

In the other side, in South America, was published-in Reporte Brasil and Infobae- an opinion article named: Seen the difficulties of the EU-Mercosur Agreement, it’s convenient to see Canada? Worked by the international negotiation themes consultant and member of the Group of Producers Countries of the South (GPPS in spanish) Gustavo Idígoras with Sabine Papendieck and Pablo Elverdín. The article suggest more dynamism in the international negotiation between European Union and South America.

The international negotiations between EU and Mercosur started in 1996, now Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) have a favorable economic and politic situation, are working to have the Customs Union.

The Mercosur represents arround 25% of the importations of the European Union ($23 thousand millions approximately) the principle trade partner is Brazil, is the second provider of bovine meat to the European Union. For November in Brasilia and December is Brussels it’s the possibility to have new bilateral trade negotiations.

Thus, the European Union as trade partner it’s very important to our development in the Americas, this strategic and diplomatic agreements could be a great cooperation and help to consecute the Social Development Goals of United Nations.


About the author: Mr Andree Cardona is an international Relations opinion columnist in Central America.






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