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Authentic Georgia Welcomes You

Dutch entrepreneur ,Martijn Kanters, the Ambassador of Georgia H.E. Konstantine Surguladze, Jesper Zwart and Tornike Zirakishvili from Georgia National Tourism Organization.

On the picture Dutch entrepreneur, Martijn Kanters, the Ambassador of Georgia H.E. Konstantine Surguladze, Jesper Zwart and Tornike Zirakishvili from Georgia National Tourism Organization.

By Roy Lie A Tjam.

On November 9, the Embassy of Georgia in the Netherlands organized the  Authentic Georgia Welcomes You” event. According to a Georgian saying guests are a gift from God. The objective of organizing the event was to raise awareness of Georgia in the Netherlands and making the it a more popular tourist destination.

The event was attended by representatives of Dutch tourism agencies and representatives of the media.

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Ambassador Surguladze during his presentation.

The Ambassador of Georgia H.E. Konstantine Surguladze warmly welcomed his guests and emphasized the role of tourism for Georgia and Georgia as a tourist destination for international visitors.

During the event, a representative of Georgian National Tourism Administration, Mr Tornike Zirakishvili made a presentation about the tourism strategy of Georgia. Mr Zirakishvili took questions from the audience and elaborated on the recent undertakings in Georgian tourism industry. Tourism is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in Georgia. According to the latest figures, the first ten months of 2017, more than 6.4 million tourists visited Georgia and the Netherlands is in third position with 34.6%.

Mr Tornike Zirakishvili introduced the globally known Dutch Jesper Zwart, who happened to be the 6 millionth tourist to visit Georgia in 2016. Jesper Zwart, recounted his extraordinary trip to Georgia and the surprises that literally changed his life.

There was a lucky draw with two roundtrip flight tickets to Tbilisi, presented by Ms Lia Kewkhishuili from  “Georgian Airways”. Mr.Jasper Zwart drew the names of the lucky winners: Kate Bellamy and Dr. Mayelline De Lara.

A reception followed featuring Georgian wine and traditional dishes.

In conclusion, H.E. Konstantine Surguladze thanked the audience for their participation and engagement.

Leo van der Velve from AD Dutch news reported:

Georgian tourism in brief:

  • Georgia ranked 8th in “Top 10 Safest Countries In The World”
  • Georgia is in fact a four season destination, there are direct flights from Amsterdam and other European cities.
  • The Capital city Tbilisi has magnificent, newly restored buildings, refurbished museums and chic restaurants, Tbilisi is rapidly becoming a cultural hub. Noteworthy is the upcoming local fashion industry.
  • Batumi is Georgia’s summer holiday capital has sprouted new hotels and attractions.
  • For lovers of snow, Mestia is one of the most challenging and beautiful in Europe. Ski lift begins at a height of 1800 m. above sea level
  • Adventure Tourism, there is plenty of :Hiking and Trekking • 4×4 Adventure • Mountaineering • Biking • Rafting & KayakingCaving • Paragliding • Bird Watching • Hunting • Eco – National Parks • Horse Riding.
  • Georgian way of winemaking (in clay pots called Qvevri) belongs to UNESCO Intangible Heritage Georgia has the longest-running unbroken winemaking tradition of underground fermentation in clay vessels
  • Georgia has a liberal visa regime &e-visa, e-visa portal (only passport and application required) Valid Visa: The United States, EU member states and several other countries, such as Japan, Korea, UAE, may enter Georgia without a visa.




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