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Carlton Ambassador, more than a manager duty, Esther Boers


Esther Boers, General Manager of Carlton Ambassador Hotel, The Hague.Photography by Marian van Noort.

By Diplomat Magazine.

The Carlton Ambassador, located in one of the most beautiful street of The Hague, serves many functions.

Foremost, the Mansion operates as Diplomat Magazine’s headquarters and is the venue of our traditional Diplomat Meet and Greets. Additionally, the venue hosts celebrations for national days, and is often the site where Ceremonies of Merit are presented for parting ambassadors.

In order to cater to all of these events, effective and sharp management is necessary. We asked Esther Boers, current manager of the Carlton Ambassador, how she upholds the prestige associated with this establishment.

Diplomat Magazine: How do you see your role and duties representing Carlton Ambassador vis-a-vis the international community in The Hague?

Esther Boers: We are a Mansion in The Hague, where every guest is more than welcome. So everyone is welcomed with this idea of a “warm embrace”.

We have great relationships with different types of international communities and we want to let them be part of our Mansion in any way, be that for events, drinking coffee, or high tea.

Diplomat Magazine: In the two years that you have been managing the hotel, what have you done so far to increase the Carlton Ambassador visibility in the Netherlands? What are your plans, and how much more can be done in future while maintaining this position?

Esther Boers: Firstly, we are branding the Carlton Ambassador hotel by hiring a Brand Ambassador. We also made a blueprint of the hotel. We answered questions like, “why are we doing this?,” “what is our main purpose?” We have gone through this trajectory with all the team members.

Additionally, our Sales Department connects with local communities and people to share our words and to show them who we are. We work with local and Dutch entrepreneurs to be more connected to the city. We also work closely with the Hague Marketing.

Finally, we changed our website completely and we invest a lot in marketing activities.

We feel special that we meet so many different nationalities in the hotel. That is what makes our work so interesting and meaningful as well. The diplomatic community is part of The Hague and also part of our hotel. We are grateful to work together and to be a good place for them. We provide a place where they feel home, where they receive unlimited hospitality.

I want to share with you that our Mansion is so much more than a hotel. We are a place to meet, greet, laugh, talk, eat, work, sleep and enjoy life! When you are in The Hague for business, I can promise you that you will feel like a leisure guest when you enter our Mansion, because of our special ambiance and because of all the Ambassadors who work in the hotel. Every individual team member has the passion and drive to make your stay as memorable as possible.

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