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Meet Hungary Business Annual Reception


His Excellency, Mr. András Kocsis, Ambassador of Hungary during his welcome speech.

By Roy Lie Atjam.

The Ambassador of Hungary, H.E. Mr. András Kocsis organized a Meet Hungary Business Reception at his residence on February 8, 2018.

In his welcome speech, Ambassador András Kocsis applauded the increasing presence of Dutch investors in Hungary. Friesland Campina open their third shared services center in Hungary. Friesland Campina has a particular preference for Hungary.

Kocsis further praised the efforts made by the Hungarian Business Network HBN in strengthening the ties between Hungary and the Netherlands.

Ms. Cisca Ansem, Chair of the Board of the Hungarian Business Network.

Ms. Cisca Ansem, Chair of the Board of HBN, is pleased with the increase in the number of both businesses and private membership. Ansem hinted HBN, is envisaging hosting a wine and chocolate event in March. Further, upcoming events in the summer, September and November 2018.

The Chef de Cuisine of the Hungarian Embassy Mr János Klimay had prepared some exquisite Hungarian bites.

To mention a fewChicken paprika, (Paprikás csirke), Smoked trout Bakonyi style, (Füstölt pisztráng bakonyi módon), Curd spread Liptauer style, (Kőrözött), Duck liver, (Kacsamáj zsírjában), Smoked goose breast, (Füstölt libamell), Garden sauce with crispy bacon and eggs, (Salátafőzelék tojással , szalonnával), Sour cream with ham flatbread -(Kenyérlángos tejföllel, sonkával), Hungarian Triffle, (Somlói galuska), Meringue and apricot cottage cheese cake, (Rákóci túrós), Cheese and potatoes Scones, (Sajtos burgonyás pogácsa).

The Embassy of Hungary and HBN could look back on a successful Business networking afternoon.


Photography by the Embassy of Hungary.

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