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The United Arab Emirates, H.E. Ambassador Dr Hissa Abdulla Ahmed Alotaiba

UAE Ambassador Alotaiba

Her Exellency Dr Hissa Abdulla Ahmed Alotaiba is the new Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Her previous positions were Ambassador of the UAE to the Holy See, Ambassador of the UAE to the Kingdom of Spain and to the Principality of Andorra.

Her Excellency started her career as the Head of information technology at the internal women’s forum then, she worked as Assistant of Resident representative for Finance Human resources at the United Nations Develpment Programme.

Dr Hissa Abdulla Ahmed Alotaiba studied Business Administration and Computer Data Management. She completed her studies at Cairo University, then at Webster University in Geneva and got her PhD from the University of Lausanne.

Her Excellency has been involved in many diplomatic events and activities throughout her career. She received the “Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit” by the king of Spain which is the highest decoration for foreign citizen. This was a recognition for her role as the first Arab Lady Ambassador who strengthened the bilateral relations between Spain and UAE. 

2021 will be an important year for the UAE as it is the Golden Jubilee year which represents  a milestone for a new strategy for the country’s development model. The aim is, for the next fifty years, to include all Emirati community spectrum in shaping the country’s life and archive the goals of the Emirates Centenary.

This national strategy, according to Dr Hissa Abdulla Ahmed Alotaiba, “establishes a culture of excellence and participation in decision-making, and enhancing the spirit of initiative in building the country and achieving this vision through active participation in the upcoming development and qualitative leaps in the national economy, in addition to consolidating the soft power of the UAE”.

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