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The Ambassador of Croatia, H.E. Ms. Dubravka Plejic Markovic


The Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia, H.E. Ms. Dubravka Plejic Markovic, entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1994, where she stayed six years with multilateral department in various capacities.

Shortly after entering the Ministry, she was assigned to the Office of the President of the Republic, Franjo Tudjman, as a supporting member of his foreign policy team. That was shortly after Croatia gained full sovereignty and territorial integrity over its formerly occupied territories and during the Dayton peace talks. In this capacity she took part in numerous meetings with policy making officials involved in bringing final peace to war-torn Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was instrumental in gaining insight into vital role the UN and other security providers played in post-conflict resolution and peaceful transition.

Back in the Ministry she was engaging on the ICTY issues which led her to overtake the ICC as well. In special capacity as the coordinator of the ICTY and ICC, Mrs. Plejic Markovic helped promulgate Croatian policies and answers arising from cooperation with ICTY and served as an expert in national delegation negotiating ICC’s establishment.

From 2001 onward, she served as the DCM at the Permanent Mission at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg dealing mostly with political issues. Upon returning to the Ministry, she was offered position of the Head of NATO department in 2004, dealing with obligations stemming from the MAP. She stayed in this position for one year after which she joined the Permanent Mission to the OSCE, UN and other international organizations in Vienna as the Deputy Head of Mission. During that time she was responsible for the political issues arising from cooperation with the OSCE’s field Mission in Croatia as well as other political and military issues.

She chaired FSC (working groups) during Croatian presidency of the FSC in 2007 and several other meetings within FSC’s purview. After completing her term in Vienna, Mrs. Plejic Markovic was assigned to international security department in the MFA covering wide range of security issues.

In 2012, she was appointed Security Policy Director attending variety of EU gatherings and helping to promulgate foreign policy responses and national laws in wake of the countries accession to the EU. As of 2013 on, she was appointed Assistant Foreign Minister dealing with extra-European affairs. During that time numerous crisis involving the Arab world escalated and her multilateral skills were of use in dealing with national responses to these pressing issues.

In her capacity as Assistant Foreign Minister, she traveled extensively accompanying the minister to countries of Central Asia, Iran, Iraq, Middle East, US and Russian Federation and attended numerous bilateral talks with her counterparts.

As of January 2016, Mrs. Plejic Markovic served as the Permanent Representative and Ambassador of Croatia to the OSCE, UN and International organizations in Vienna. During that tenure, in 2019, she was elected as the Vice-Chair of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

Ambassador Plejic Markovic holds a degree in Law from University of Zagreb and has passed the bar exam. She is married with two adult daughters. Mrs. Plejic Markovic speaks English, German and French (conversational) and holds the rank of an Ambassador in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities, opera performances and a good read.

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