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Albania Appeal for Support


Since Tuesday, 26 November 2019, Albania is constantly being hit by numerous and intense earthquakes causing ripples of damage and devastation.  

The most powerful earthquake, of magnitude 6.4, hit in at 03:54 AM  the two biggest cities, Durrës – costal city and Tirana – capital of Albania, as well as surrounding residential areas.  

50 people and counting are found dead, over 700 and counting injured, and thousands are homeless (not yet counted): this is so far, the balance of a day that will be long remembered as the tragedy of November 26, 2019 for Albania. 

At this point, emergency rescue teams are still working to find the survivors. Their work is made more difficult by continuous and frequent aftershocks, hitting with high level magnitudes. On a frequent manner, the ground in Tirana and Durres continues to still vibrate, as civil emergency units, state representatives, volunteers are scrambling to help those in need.

These aftershocks are also causing a new wave of homeless people, as damaged buildings receive aftershocks and become inhabitable. 

The government of Albania is organising provisional shelters in other areas of the country in close cooperation with the citizens and the private sector in Albania. Yet a lot of resources are needed to rebuild their lives. 

In the name of solidarity and assistance at this moment, a direct link is made available for those who wish to donate. The link is https://e-albania.al/donate/

On behalf of the numerous families of the victims and those affected by the earthquakes, the Embassy of Republic of Albania to The Kingdom of The Netherlands kindly asks you to distribute and circulate this Appeal for Support to a broad range of contacts and stakeholders, who can help these families during this very difficult time. 

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