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Bottega Veneta opens up in Miami


In Miami Bottega Veneta’s Creative Director Daniel Lee presented last autumn the brand’s newest boutique in a fresh novel style.

Daniel Lee modernised the æsthetic DNA of Bottega Veneta and sparked a new hype about the Italian brand. The young Briton is now heralding his second year as head designer with the opening of the first store he designed for the Miami market. Inspired by Miami’s design district and the brand’s origins in Montebello, the bright, open spaces also reflect his modern vision of discreet elegance, which also defines his fashion. 

The new store focuses on the brand’s accessories. They line the walls and are displayed on free-standing azure blue tables. However, the architectural highlight is the pink plaster staircase to the upper floor, wherein the men’s collection is presented.

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Picture by Bottega Veneta.

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