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Greece shares with The Netherlands very old and close friendly ties

H.E. Mr. Nicolas Plexidas, Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic.

By H.E. Mr. Nicolas Plexidas, Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Since the Greek government has entrusted me, almost 5 months ago, to represent the Hellenic Republic to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and to the important international organizations based in the country, I feel twice as happy. 

Firstly, because the Netherlands belong to a group of countries, with which Greece shares very old and close friendly ties, dating back to the proclamation of independence of our modern state. The two countries also share the same values and principles and enjoy long-lasting privileged relations, as partners in the EU family and allies in NATO. And secondly, for a rather more personal reason, as I do admire this country and its people and I try to savour it, as much as the busy everyday life of a diplomat allows for it. 

The assumption of my duties as Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands coincides with a positive momentum in my country. Greece is finally leaving behind her a dramatic decade of a merciless economic crisis and enters the new decade with optimism and self-confidence. The tough times my people went through serve now as a guide to better times ahead and the mistakes of the past as a tangible, realistic plan for a better present and future. A new Greece is on the rise.

It also coincides with the timing of formation of a new Greek government, with a strong mandate, able to safeguard political stability for the next four years and promote an ambitious, innovative reform agenda; a government particularly friendly to investments, that has already began restoring creditors and investors’ trust, as new opportunities appear for the Greek economy. This is the most important challenge for my mission as Ambassador of Greece here: to contribute to strengthening of our bilateral economic relations with the Netherlands, so as to match the current level of our excellent political relations. 

It is a fact that the new decade brings us face to face with unprecedented challenges, be it the global geopolitical instability, the climate crisis or the consequences of technology booming. Amidst this context, Greece will rise to its height. Not only as depositary of the eternal values our ancestors have bequeathed to humanity, but also as a modern democracy, sensitive to the calls of a dramatically ever changing modern world. Greece will continue to constitute an island of stability in a volatile security environment surrounding her, a bastion of peace in the region and a bridge of friendship between the East and the West, the North and the South. 

Against all these challenges ahead of us, Greece will walk hand in hand with her partner and ally the Netherlands, in the name of the long-lasting friendship of our two peoples, which is further invigorated lately by the presence of more than 35.000 Greeks, residing and offering their services in the country. This all but inconsiderable number certainly guarantees the sustainability and deeper forging of this close friendship. 

Dear friends,

It is truly an honour to serve my country in the world capital of international peace and justice. I am inspired by this and this inspiration will steer the performance of my duties as Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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