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Colombia & UAE facing Covid-19

UAE & Colombia Coronavirus equipment donation

The United Arab Emirates expressed their solidarity with the Republic of Colombia in facing the Coronavirus pandemic by donating medical and preventive supplies to confront COVID-19 and limit its spread within and outside the country.

Among the medical supplies sent by the Arab Emirates are the following items that will be used by health personnel: 15,000 protective overalls, 15,000 medical gowns, 500,000 gloves, 30,000 shoe covers and 20,000 masks.
Likewise, the donation foresees 10,000 rapid tests for the detection of Covid-19, components for nucleic acid extraction, four automated RNA (ribonucleic acid), extraction equipment and two thermocyclers, with which the capacity for early diagnosis of the pandemic is enhanced.

UAE medical and preventive supplies’ donations to Colombia.

This donation from the UAE government to Colombia strengthens the ties of cooperation between the two countries, including the academic and scientific cooperation with the University of Antioquia, the beneficiary of this significant donation.

The Colombian Presidential Agency for International Cooperation – APC-Colombia- coordinated the donation of medical supplies made by the United Arab Emirates thanks to the management of businessman Carlos Mario Gallego and his company Moncada Holding, which has a technology and infrastructure agreement with the University of Antioquia, together with the Colombian Ambassador in the UAE, H.E. Mr. Jaime Amín and the coordination of the Colombian Chancellery.

APC-Colombia works to coordinate donations and international cooperation in the fight against this pandemic.

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