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Qatar Financial Centre on the COVID-19 pandemic


The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted families, livelihoods and businesses around the world.

We are confident of both our current steps to ensure business continuity throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, and also of our future once the current pandemic recedes. We can all recall recent challenges Qatar and the Qatar Financial Centre

 (QFC) have faced and overcome where we have emerged stronger than before. Today, again, we all face an impact on our operations, but nevertheless are convinced of our platform’s and our country’s ability to not only weather but navigate the current storm successfully.

“While Qatar will of course witness the impacts of COVID-19, we have faith in the resilient Qatari economy which is well-equipped to navigate turbulent conditions and withstand challenges, as well as the QFC platform where firms are continuing to turn to us to expand their business in Qatar. In fact, we are very quickly approaching our 1,000 firm milestone which is nearly two years ahead of the target date.

Sheikha Alanoud bint Hamad AL THANI, Managing Director of Business Development – QFC

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Image of HE Sheikha Alanoud bint Hamad Al Thani – Qatar Financial Centre Authority

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