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Anders Ahnlid to promote Swedish trade


Thursday, 4 June 2020, Stockholm, Kingdom of Sweden: The Government has announced the appointment of former Swedish Representative to the European Union, and incumbent Ambassador to Finland, Anders Ahnlid, as the novel director general of the National Trade Board (Kommerskollegium). The latter is the authority charged with promoting foreign trade, within the internal market as well as setting up the country’s trade policy. 

Ambassador Anders Ahnlid is ideal for the position being an experienced negotiator in trade issues. As per statement the Foreign Trade Minister Anna Hallberg stated highlighted that ‘the authority has an important task above all in improving possibilities for Sweden’s international trade in many ways’

Ahnlid begins his position as director general on 17 August 2020 for an authority that goes back to 1651. He has served as Swedish Permanent Representative to the European Union in Brussels, Delegate before the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris, adviser for trade issues at the Foreign Minister, and has served as diplomat in at the Swedish Representation in Geneva, and at the country’s embassy to the United States in Washington D.C.

For further information:
Press release by the Swedish Government: https://www.regeringen.se/pressmeddelanden/2020/06/ny-generaldirektor-for-kommerskollegium/?fbclid=IwAR33pIYKgjBLNJvqR_I5lBHkFPvFmNpJW2V0Rba17AYss2dNo83x18vVKBw

Anders Ahnlid’s CV: https://www.regeringen.se/49baf2/globalassets/regeringen/dokument/eu-representationen/cv/cv-anders-ahnlid.pdf

National Trade Board: https://www.kommerskollegium.se/en/

Anders Ahnlid – Picture by Katinka Igelberg/Kommerskollegium

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