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Brazil celebrated its 199th’s Anniversary


This year, in view of COVID-19’s containment measures, the Embassy of Brazil decided, after careful consideration, not to hold the traditional annual celebration, expressed H.E. Ms. Regina Cordeiro Dunlop, Ambassador of Brazil to The Kingdom of The Netherlands.

“Today, 7th September, 2020, we celebrate the 199th anniversary of the Independence of Brazil. Every year, on this day, the Embassy of Brazil in The Hague invites you to the Official Residence in Wassenaar. In this annual celebration, the Embassy staff, on behalf of the Brazilian Government, brings together Brazilian citizens residing in the Netherlands, representatives of the Dutch Government and the diplomatic corps accredited to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, as well as local counterparts from various sectors , to assemble those all those who, in an invaluable manner, participate in the strengthening and deepening of the bilateral relations between our countries.” Ambassador stated.

“We take this moment to express our sympathy to those who lost their loved ones in the Netherlands, in Brazil and around the world. During this period of social distancing, the Embassy has been publishing in its social media information about Brazil, covering aspects of a cultural, educational, scientific and economic nature, which we hope are contributing to keep us closer.”

H.E. Ms. Regina Cordeiro Dunlop, Ambassador of Brazil.

“On this very important date for us Brazilians, however, we could not fail to pay tribute to our country and connect with those who, every year, honor us with their presence on 7th September. ”

Ambassador Cordeiro Dunlop expressed: “May this message bring us together today and may we all, even without the warmth provided by your presence, celebrate Brazil and the Brazilian people. “

If you wish to visit the social pages of the Embassy, ​​you can find them at the following addresses:  https://www.facebook.com/EmbaixadaDoBrasilNosPaisesBaixos/https://www.instagram.com/embaixada_brasil_paises_baixos/

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