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Dr. Hussein Mwinyi wins in Zanzibar

Dr. Hussein Mwinyi , President of the Republic of Zamzibar.
Thursday, 29 October 2020, Republic of Zanzibar, United Republic of
Tanzania: Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi from the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) was announced the winner of the presidential elections, and became the eight head of state of the autonomous Republic of Zanzibar, and third highest office holder within the United Republic of Tanzania.

Hitherto Dr. Mwainyi (born 1966) had served as MP for the Kwahani constituency since 2005, concurrent with a federal portfolio as Minister of Defence and National Service of Tanzania. He is a son of the island’s third president, Ali Hassan Mwinyi (b. 1925) who served for little over a year between 1984 and 1985 as president of Zanzibar.

The Rais wa Zanzibar (President of Zanzibar) is the head of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, which is a semi-autonomous government within Tanzania. Presidential terms are for five years, and a candidate may be re- elected only once. The office is voted in through plurality voting. He appoints the members of the Zanzibar Cabinet with the approval of the House of Representatives.

Zanzibar became the People’s Republic of Zanzibar and Pemba in January 1964 after a revolt ousted the eleventh insular monarch, HM Sultan Jamshid bin Abdallah Al Said. By April 1964 Zanzibar united with Tanganyika to form the United Republic of Tanzania.

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