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Farm Day for Diplomatic Kids

Farm Day for Diplomatic Kids
Diplomat Magazine invited diplomats and their family for a farm day in town to foster networking between different missions and their families, promoting familiarization with the city of The Hague and getting some fresh air for kids and parents, very much needed in these times of lockdown, quarantines, and restrictions of all kind. 
Mr. Ndahiro Herbert, First Secretary, Embassy of Rwanda together with his daughter Kelcy.
The message from Diplomat Magazine to diplomats in The Hague was well taken and many diplomats came to join us at one of the ten city farms of The Hague, the “t Waaygar.  This park is located on Havenkade in Scheveningen and was started in 1978. Havenkade once had a canal, where the farm, a school, and children’s gardens now exist.
Jens-Volker Ginschel, Armaments Attaché, Embassy of Germany with his spouse Angie and daughter
The small-scale farm has all sorts of animals, such as cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, sheep, hens, and cocks with a variety of unusual colors among other farm animals. Because of restrictions in place at that moment, children enjoyed looking at the animals but couldn’t pet, brush, or hold them.

They were playing around from the very first minute of their arrival. It was remarkable to see them sharing together and speaking one language with their parents and a different one to their friends.  Some were already schoolmates and enjoyed introducing their families. Diplomat Magazine offered a lunch bag to everyone and we all appreciated the opportunity to be outside and take a break in the park. 
Caroline Boulduc, Counsellor Embassy of Canada with her daughter Sarah.
Another successful Diplomat Magazine’s event!

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