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Pakistan to chair IDLO

Ambassador Jauhar Saleem - Picture courtesy of Jauhar Saleem's office

Ambassador Jauhar Saleem – Picture courtesy of Jauhar Saleem’s office.

26 November 2020, Italian Republic: The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was unanimously elected as the Chair of the International Development Law Organisation (IDLO), an affiliate of the United Nations (UN), for a term of three years, replacing the United States of America in the aforesaid post. Pakistani ambassador to Italy and Permanent Representative to Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), World Food Programme (WFP) and International Fund For Agricultural Development (IFAD), Jauhar Saleem, will be serving in the dual leadership positions on behalf of his homeland. 

Pakistan’s chairmanship commences in January 2021, with the United States and Italy serving as vice chairs. 

With its headquarters in Rome, IDLO is the one worldwide inter-governmental organisation dedicated to promotion of rule of regulation and rights primarily based growth on the earth. It was established in 1988 and has 37 member nations, with expertise of working with greater than 90 nations and authorised techniques.Pakistan has been a member of IDLO since 2015 and earlier served on the Standing Committee and the Audit and Finance Committee as a member.

For further information https://www.idlo.int

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