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Joseph Borghese as Tongan Honorary Consul


Tuesday, 26 January 2021, Nicosia, Republic of Cyprus: The High Commission of the Kingdom of Tonga in London is pleased to announce, the Privy Council of His Majesty King Tupou VI has appointed Mr. Joseph Borghese as Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Tonga with jurisdiction over the whole territory of the Republic of Cyprus.

The royal appointment was concluded with the President of the Republic of Cyprus, H.E. Mr. Nicos Anastasiades granting an exequatur to Mr. Joseph Borghese on 26th of January. 

A well-known and well-liked figure in the public and private sector, Mr. Joseph Borghese who is the youngest among a handful of honorary consuls for the Kingdom, is the founder of Borghese Ventures, Borghese Wine 365, Pundi X 365 and of the humanitarian organization “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center. In 2019, he was awarded with the Cyprus Young Entrepreneur of the Year and has been recently elected by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce as the Treasurer of the Cyprus – Australia Business Association. 

 Mr. Borghese stated: “I am profoundly honored to have received this appointment. As Honorary Consul I will be in a unique position to further develop the friendly and respectful relations between the Kingdom of Tonga, the Republic of Cyprus and the EU”. 

His vast experience in entrepreneurial and humanitarian activities has often brought Mr. Joseph Borghese to be part of official delegations meeting Cyprus’ trade partners. Cyprus is strongly pushing to be a regional digital innovation hub. And Mr. Joseph Borghese believes that his passion for investment in innovative technology, education, shipping, hospitality among others will benefit both Cyprus and the Kingdom of Tonga. 

 “Cyprus and the Kingdom of Tonga are small island states, members of the Commonwealth and Cyprus being also a member of the European Union, there are opportunities that can be strategically explored for Tonga to tap into and increase the mutual benefits for both countries”, says Mr. Joseph Borghese. 

 The Kingdom of Tonga, or the Friendly Islands is a constitutional monarchy and has never been colonized. With over 170 islands arrayed across 740,000 square kilometers in the South Pacific, and a population of about 100.000, the tiny Kingdom is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled of Pacific island nations. Dramatic volcanic landscapes combined with tropical rainforests and pristine coral atolls and beaches, sustaining and nurturing flora and fauna. It is home to the newest island in the world, Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai which erupted from the seabed in 2014. It was the subject of a visit by a NASA team told by the BBC.  

 As rugby is the national sport in Tonga; its top players are scattered in rugby premier divisions around the world from New Zealand to Japan to Europe and the USA. Already, Mr. Joseph Borghese has identified room to market Tonga through sport and grow the opportunities it presents for the youth. 

The Friendly Islands’ robust history, culture, religion and traditions are still a vital part of daily life.  

 The High Commission of the Kingdom of Tonga in London is accredited to Cyprus, and thus will be working closely with Mr. Joseph Borghese. Her Excellency Hon. Fanetupouvava’u Tu’ivakano adds: “With the opening of the Cyprus office, we add a new chapter in the promotion of Tonga. We are very much pleased with the appointment of Mr. Borghese and have confidence in his ability to engage the Kingdom of Tonga in Europe.” 

Honorary consuls are generally dignitaries or persons of position in business and society in the receiving state, while having strong connection to the sending state. Honorary consuls are not necessarily citizens of the sending states; rather, they are recognized by the sending states as persons of influence, capable of furthering the objectives of the sending state in the receiving state.  

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Image courtesy of the Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Tonga in Cyprus

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