12 March – 18 April 2021 

Hotel Mond Fine Arts Gallery, Bleibtreustrasse 17, 10623 Berlin, Telefon: 030/809 614 03, 

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Time for glamor and fantasy. Precisely now, when our sense for art, design, and a positive attitude toward life are awakening again, the artists Frieda Vogel and Karin von Roques are bringing together innovative design and imaginative picture collages in the exhibition Glamorous. 

Under the label FRAU FRIEDA Ms. Vogel has in the last three years created handbags made of the finest materials, in part set with sumptuous, genuine stones. Each is unique, a work of art of the highest craftsmanship. The exhibition will feature the complete collection for the first time. 

The collages by Karin von Roques reveal a boundless play of how fashion is artfully transformed with female energy. The result are timeless artworks that by conveying a positive attitude toward life radiate desirability and inspire the senses. 

About the artists – Frieda Vogel 

Frieda Vogel studied visual communication and design at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin (now Universität der Künste Berlin). Her path led her to Arno Fischer, with whom she completed studies in photography. 

In 2015 Ms. Vogel founded the successful luxury handbag and accessories label FRAU FRIEDA in Berlin. Attention to detail, knowledge of materials, precision, and perfection are her guiding principles. To do them justice, she allowed herself three years (2015–18) to find correspondingly high-quality materials and the best specialists for her collection, such as fine bag makers in Berlin, Beirut, and Ofenbach, as well as tanners, dyers, and goldsmiths, before she presented her first luxury model. Her main collection includes the classics Frieda No 1, Frieda No 2, Fräulein Frieda, Jackie, and Mondiva Unlimited. Her models are fancy Gesamtkunstwerks that meet the highest standards of quality. 

Ms. Vogel is not only a designer with a great love of detail. As a successful photographer who has published impressive photos taken during her numerous travels in various books, she has also exhibited her work in several countries around the world. One of her recent favorite motifs are still lifes of handbags that she has designed. Her first camera, a Leica, inspired her to design Mondiva Unlimited. 

Karin von Roques 

After completing studies in theater and costume design at the Kunstakademie in Berlin, Karin von Roques studied Islamic art history at the Universität Bonn and specialized in contemporary Arab and Iranian art. She subsequently worked internationally as a costume designer for television, film, and theater. She also made a name for herself in fashion design and received various awards for her designs. 

A decade later Ms. Roques began curating her first exhibitions featuring work by Arabic artists for museums and galleries such as the Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main; the Kunstmuseum Bonn; the Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris; the Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi; the Sundaram Tagore Galerie, New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong; the Internationale FotoFest Biennale in Houston, Texas; and the me Collectors Room in Berlin. She was a consultant at Sotheby’s in London and advisor to such clients as the Deutsche Bank regarding the purchase of Arabic art. Moreover, she has served as a jury member at international art competitions including in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and in 2007 at the 11th International Cairo Biennale. 

Ms. Roques’s numerous travels and stays in the Arab countries sparked her imagination, which she in turn has aimed at expressing via the exhibited figurines. Together with Frieda Vogel emerged a perfect symbiosis of beauty and fashion. 


Images courtesy of Karin von Roques – All rights reserved

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