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Anniversary of Diplomatic Service in Russia

H.E. Mr. Alexander Shulgin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to The Netherlands.

By H.E. Mr. Alexander Shulgin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

On February 10, Russia celebrates the diplomat’s day. This holiday was introduced back in 2002 by the President Vladimir Putin to celebrate the anniversary of  establishment of the first foreign office in our country in 1549, called ‘Ambassadorial Prikaz’, which became the prototype of the modern Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Russian diplomacy can be proud of its rich history. Diplomats served their Motherland for dozens of generations: heroically defended the interests of state during wars and armed conflicts, they made efforts to settle disputes and ensure peace on the planet, and significantly contributed to the liberation of Europe from the Nazi invaders during the Second World War.

Russian diplomats, relying on the glorious traditions laid down by their predecessors, are still working to resolve the most important global and regional problems. The Russian Foreign Ministry actively participates in the development of the international agenda and maintains a dialogue with foreign partners on the basis of international law, provisions of the UN Charter, principles of equality and mutual respect, in order to ensure security and stability on the world arena.

The priorities of the Russian MFA, embassies and permanent representations are to create favorable foreign policy conditions for the sustainable socio-economic development of Russia, and to protect the rights of Russian citizens and compatriots abroad. Our diplomacy is working to build a truly equal and mutually beneficial cooperation with all counterparties. We strive to defend the key role of the UN, to consolidate the international community in the fight against the threat of terrorism, and to strengthen the foundations of strategic stability and non-proliferation regimes for weapons of mass destruction.

Speaking about the Embassy of the Russian Federation in The Hague, here we do our best to strengthen our amicable relations with the Netherlands. Our mission abroad is to establish political contacts and ensure mutually beneficial conditions for economic and cultural exchange with the host country. The Consular section of the Embassy provides all necessary assistance to Russian citizens residing in the Netherlands and the subjects of the Kingdom in matters of entry into the territory of Russia.

At this difficult times, when the world is facing a new challenge – the COVID-19 pandemic – it is of special importance to unite diplomatic efforts in the face of a common calamity. Russia is therefore open to constructive cooperation in order to jointly defeat the new coronavirus infection.

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