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President Jovenel Moise has been killed


President Jovenel Moise has been assassinated in his private residence located at Pelerin, Port au Prince. His wife Martine Moise was seriously injured in the attack, she is in hospital. The president’s residence was attacked by a commando around 1:00 in the morning Prime Minister Claude Joseph, informed.

The situation is calm and under the control of the Haitian National Army

Moise, 53, won the presidential elections of his country on November 27, 2016, which had the participation of 21% of the population at the time. Opposition groups have been demanding his removal from power for a year, claiming that the presidential term ended on February 7. Moise took possession of his presidential mandate on February 7, 2017, but opposition groups maintained that the period began on February 17, 2016. On the other hand, criminal groups had taken control of much of the Haitian territory constantly challenging his authority.

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